What Is a Self Service Kiosk? What Are Its Advantages?

Why use self-service payment kiosks?

In today’s fast-paced world, customers do not have the time, energy or the money to stand and wait in long lines and endless queues whether it’s at the bank, a restaurant, a fast food joint, the hospital, a ticketing counter or just about anywhere else that renders services to consumers. Hiring manpower and manual labor is not only expensive for organizations in terms of paying the employees monthly salaries/remuneration and benefits but the cost of training these employees is also extra added input costs to these organizations.

This is why self-service and/or payment kiosks are becoming more and more popular and are being implemented by more and more organizations all over the world. From the smallest companies to the largest multinational organizations, self-service payment kiosks are becoming the new in thing and consumers also find it much easier, faster and convenient to use instead of having to wait for hours for a customer service specialist to attend to their needs and requirements.

What is a self-service payment kiosk?

So there are self-service kiosks and there are payment kiosks and there are also kiosks that combine both these services in one. A self-service kiosk is an automated machine, tablet, mobile device or any other kind of visual display electronic device installed in a particular customer service outlet such as a fast food joint, a café, a bank, a hospital, a pharmacy, a shopping center, a movie theater and any other place that requires a particular kind of service or services to be rendered to customers.

Depending on the service type and the kind of organization or company and the type of services that they render to customers, the self-service or payment kiosks will differ in utility and functions. A kiosk in a bank would offer various banking and finance options to customers, a fast food outlet kiosk would offer an e-menu with payment options, a hospital kiosk would offer various medical services/tests to customers including a coupon system, a movie theater kiosk would dispense movie tickets, and so on.

What are the advantages of self-service payment kiosks?

  • Self-service kiosks help save time, money, manpower, labor.
  • They are very easy and convenient to use and render speedy services.
  • They can be programmed in a variety of languages to assist all kinds of customers.
  • Payment kiosks accept all kinds of debit/credit cards and ensure safe banking transactions.
  • They help reduce the inputs costs of the company drastically.

Self-service kiosks help in ERP, CRM, POS and other customer support services and solutions for retail organizations. Solution Details is a company in Singapore that specializes in rendering these services.

Four Things to Know Before Investing in a POS for Retail Outlets

In today’s world success is spelt by profits. The initial momentum of any business is gained by passion but sustainability depends on the technology in use. While considering the implementation of a new technology, the dilemma of choosing the most appropriate software and hardware leaves most business owners in a fix. Here are 4 aspects that a retailer must be aware of before investing in a point of sale software.

1. The cost of a basic POS system: Software cost varies on the provider. The cost range of a basic software is in the range of $1200- $2500 per terminal or license. Investing in a complete Retail Management suit will be at a much higher price. Per workstation with added cost of rental, loyalty, service, hardware, training and implementation, the price may shoot up to $7000. Upgrades and annual support cost comes at an extra price. Final price of POS in few cases can be brought down by choosing a package.

2. Profit increase and POS: The whole idea behind investing in a POS is to increase profits. There are many benefits of POS that ensure that profits stay high and business thrives. Money spent towards employing manpower at the checkout stations can be saved by an efficient and swift POS system. The ability to track inventory reduces loss incurred by purchase of wrong stock. Replenishing stock becomes efficient: those which attract the least profits can be maintained in minimum quantity while items in high demand can be bought in excess. POS indirectly improves customer management. The software can help in locating the items asked for and check its stock availability. PO can help the retail store branch out into e-commerce.

3. To invest in the software or hardware: Hardware and software deliver results when used in conjunction. Although installing the right hardware is important, working of the same is controlled by the software installed. When working with monetary constraints it is advisable to invest in software and run the same on pre-existing hardware. Check the compatibility of the scanner, display system and printer with the installed software before you begin.

4. Server crash: Choose a POS system that offers redundancy. Such systems must be manually operable in the event of a server crash. POS stations must sync automatically to the backup once it resumes. All the transactions that were completed while being offline must be communicated with the server.

Microsoft excel tricks that will make your life easy

It doesn’t matter if you are working in any small business setup or larger MNCs. There are 100 percent chances that you would have opened and worked on an excel spreadsheet at a given point of time. Excel has been the oldest and the most popular program which has been around since the last 30 years now. A job prospect is greatly enhanced if you have Excel knowledge. Data analysis will be on your finger-tips if you know how to use excel and play around with data. We have incorporated some quick excel tricks and shortcuts which will help you as you further advance in using this program:

* Shortcut Menu creation An Excel menu will generally have three shortcuts at the top menu. Save, repeat typing and undo typing are the available shortcuts but did you know that the Microsoft Excel provides you the feasibility and the freedom to create more shortcuts and save them for your future use. Here is what you need to do File ? Options –> Quick access toolbar. Now add the shortcut here assuming it is cut and copy. Pick these from the column to the left and move them to right and later save it. Both these shortcuts will be added to your top menu.

* Move speedily and copy data You can now move data in one column of the spreadsheet by selecting it and then moving the pointer to the border. This will make the pointer turn into an arrow icon. Now drag this column freely anywhere. If you press Ctrl button and then drag, the data in the column will get copied.

* PivotTable Slicers Data in a PivotTable report can be filtered using slicers. Slicers contain buttons using which you can find the data points that you want to filter and all this can be done without opening the drop-down list. Slicer can be created by first selecting the PivotTable. Now go to PivotTable Analyze tab and find ribbon. Here click the Insert Slicer button which can be used in future.

* Scroll simultaneously There are times when you are required to compare two workbook at the same time and to do so, you need to have them open and scrolled at the same time. To do the same, here is what you can do:

o For 2003 Excel Window –> Compare side by side –> synchronous scrolling

o For 2007 Excel and other versions View tab on the ribbon –> View side by side –> synchronous scrolling

These are some easy ways to work on excel however, the excel spreadsheet has a whole lot of other features using which you can make life much simpler. You can learn these with a Microsoft Excel training course.

How crucial is cyber security to an organization?

Cyber security is an important subject for the organizations that has integrated the internet in their working model. This makes the organization susceptible to cyber attacks that could have devastating affect on the organization. Hence cyber security is paramount for the successful running of the organization.

Protecting the customer and corporate information

The most important thing for an organization is its customers, without whom the company cannot function. When a cyber attack takes place, the customer information which can be sensitive is compromised leading to loss of trust and repeat customers. This can dent the income of the organization and could also lead to paying for damages.

Reducing the chances of fines and mandatory independent checks

Setting up a proper cyber security can be very beneficial for the organization. Certain guidelines have t be followed in order to protect client information, if that is breached the organization could be fined by the regulatory board or the concerned authority. It can also lead to independent audit checks up to 20 years for breach of any security guideline. This can be very costly for the organization and can be a financial burden.

Improving the reputation

The credibility and reputation along with the quality of service rendered helps determine the success of an organization on the long run. When your company is safe from cyber attack, it’ll give the organization a competitive advantage over the other organizations. Cyber security in Singapore can help the organization to achieve this easily. The third party security service has the benefit of experts as well a comprehensive infrastructure to tackle the cyber criminals and their attacks. It can be rest assured that the valuable information of the company is safeguarded.

Sense of security among the employees

Employees are the first line of defense against cyber attacks. They are the people who regularly interact with the system. Their security practices can make the organization safe from the cyber attacks. Adopting a security guideline indicating the roles of the different employees and how much clearance they enjoy in accessing important data is necessary.

It is evident that the cyber security is an important component of the organizations. It is required for the smooth running of the organization as well as maintaining its reputation and credibility. So it is very much crucial for an organization to adopt a proper cyber security protocol.