How can event planners benefit from facial recognition technology?

The top merits of face recognition system for event manages have been compiled and discussed here, These merits range from security to research that will enable the event planners to feel safer as well as more knowledgable.

Facilitates research on event feedback

A lot can be inferred from a person’s facial expression. Human faces convey a host of emotions such as confusion, happiness, intrigue, excitement, interest and sadness. If adequate and proper attention is given to the face of a person, it is possible to have a fair idea about what the other person could be possibly thinking as well as what can be their next plan of action. Though it may appear unbelievable, all the information can be extremely useful for people who are into event marketing as well as for the event managers. Fortunately though, face recognition technology is making it simpler to quantify the various human emotions into readings that can be later used to arrive at certain useful business decisions. Latest technical advancements in the field of emotion tracking and recognition software may end the use of the manual event feedback forms.

Event professionals can use data sourced from video cameras installed at the event venue to identify the participants and then report back on their emotions on the basis of what the system reads from their faces.

It also signifies that with rapid progress in the field of face recognition and video surveillance systems, there will be more clarity on the result of every feedback, which is otherwise not possibles use due to lack of accuracy in reporting or when the respondents fail to admit.

Soon, facial recognition solutions may enable event marketers to know their customers much better. The photos may serve as the source for storing user settings and proper identification. There is also a possibility that the use of loyalty cards will diminish. The moment a person walks into a shop, employees will be already aware about the items you purchased last time due to the footage stored in the cameras,

Event managers need not rely upon any kind of qualitative feedback on whether an event could satisfy the participants’ desires or not. Rather, they will get to know the feelings of their participants by more precise readings of their facial expressions,

The readings taken this way will not only be more accurate but will also not need any kind of efforts from the attendees. It also means that the database used will continue to grow in its size. The software may also enable the event managers to find out whether the participants preferred a certain speaker over another, if the food served was good or not and the table displays that made their participants happiest.

Increase of exposure on social media via auto tagging feature of Facebook

Face recognition solutions have the potential of increasing exposure on social media platforms for your events. For instance, Facebook has tried to explore to this technology through their feature of auto tagging.

In case you are not aware of this technology, the feature uses algorithms related to facial recognition for scanning features of a face in photos posted on Facebook to come up with suggestion of auto ragging for your images, Thus, your experiences of social media can be more intimate and in-depth, Facebook offers your friends with the chance of experiencing the memories the moment they get uploaded to the servers of a Facebook.

In order to take leverage of the said Facebook algorithm, event marketers need to influence photo sharing at the events. Photo campaigns can be incentivized and photo requests can be set with event centric unique hashtags, You can then send requests to the participants of your events to use these hashtags for any picture they upload on Facebook.

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