Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Benefits and Advantages

Customers are important in any business that is why Microsoft has a CRM or a Customer Relationship Management. Now, let us talk about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SherWeb stated the core of Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is relationship management. Users can capture all customer touch points such as phone or email interactions, appointments, exchanged letters, faxes, etc. to generate a single view of the customer. Now if we read further in this article, we are going to know about the benefits or advantages of MS Dynamics CRM.

One vendor for Microsoft Dynamics is Hitachi ICT. Hitachi ICT  Singapore is a Microsoft Dynamics partner who are established in this field and they have consultants whom you can enquire with regarding the solutions your company requires. If you are serious about a partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Singapore, you should check them out at their site.

First off, CRM SoftwareBlog will give us fourteen benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

14 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Straight ‘Out of the Box’

Compared with most other CRM products, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful and highly flexible CRM solution. Qualified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Partners are able to configure the product to meet a wide variety of different industry and business processes, no matter how complex these processes or requirements may be.

With all this functionality, flexibility, and potential, it’s easy to lose sight of the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will bring to an organisation that has fairly standard business processes and is just looking to improve its sales, marketing, and customer service.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great option for businesses that need a highly configured or customised CRM solution. In fact it can be so highly configured that it can become hardly recognisable as a CRM solution (which is where ‘xRM’ or ‘anything relationship management’ comes in). But Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also ideal for organisations, small or large, that need straightforward, ‘out of the box’ functionality. It’s great CRM software for businesses that want minimal configuration, combined with ease of use to generally improve their business processes and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI). Read more here.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures that your customer retention and revenue increases as your staff deal with queries more quickly and efficiently. There is also an increased efficiency in addressing customer problems and issues. In this way, customers are given the satisfaction they need. Lastly let us talk about marketing benefits. FMT Consultants           will give us the top 5 marketing benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Top 5 Marketing Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Learn our top 5 reasons why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is great for marketing management!

  1. Effective Data Management – Reduce the time wasted digging through old data with Microsoft’s latest version of CRM. This software intelligently cleanses your data eliminating duplications and decreasing your cost per engagement.
  2. Reporting and Analysis Tools– Intuitive business intelligence tools built on Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft Office Systems allows you to manage business performance, quickly create reports, measure and forecast revenue, identify opportunities, and proactively manage service issues. Marketers can also track and record campaign performance – all inside CRM.
  3. Fully Utilize Customer Information– Provides instant access to complete customer information (including preferences, relationships, purchase history, and more) enabling your company to respond quickly to changing customer preferences, needs and emerging opportunities. Read more here.

As mentioned earlier, one benefit is that MS Dynamics CRM has fully utilized customer information. So they have a quick access to complete customer information like preferences and purchase history. With that, your company could easily respond to your customer’s preferences, needs and opportunities.

Now, Rishabh Software is going to give us some advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for small and midsize businesses.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Small and Midsize Businesses

As a small or a mid-sized business owner, it becomes difficult to balance business growth and manage customers simultaneously. That is where a customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you to effectively manage customers and aid you in focusing on business growth.

Many large corporations like Coca-Cola use a CRM solution to increase customer interaction by automating their sales and marketing functions. Likewise, small business owners are learning to leverage the same strategy for their business and to provide better customer engagement by automating their marketing, manufacturing and operations activities. With the help of CRM consulting services you can achieve more clarity, objectivity, analytic thinking, technical know-how and an understanding of customer-based processes at the highest level. Read more here.

One of the advantages of MS Dynamics CRM mentioned above is that they deliver effective customer support. Dynamics CRM makes sure that they good communication with their customers, they register queries, and respond to concerns or issues. They make sure that their customer care and satisfaction is well administered. By reading through the benefits and advantages of MS Dynamics CRM, you can now be convinced that it will be good and proper for your business or o

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