How E-kiosks have reinvented the customer and retailer relationship

A colossal digital revolution is afoot right now, seen in accelerated global development across multiple industries, especially those focused on entertainment, retail, finance, sports, and healthcare. For those in the retail sector, however, even though challenges faced might seem daunting, growth and revenue opportunities presented might be too massive to ignore.

Customers across the world are always online, browsing, shopping, and buying products from both offline and online channels. The convenience of shopping online has regular patrons seeking more personalized service when they walk into a brick and mortar store.

Retail businesses, now more than ever, have grown increasingly customer-centric and are driven by analytical data gathered and digested by point of sales systems.

Cater to offline and online customers

In spite of the recent surge in e-commerce, offline retail stores continue to remain the primary choice for most customers. A majority of retailers have begun to upgrade their business models to reinvent and revolutionise in-store experiences.

E kiosk sales systems help integrate interactive digital displays, digital storefronts, virtual e-menus, virtual dressing rooms, touch screens, in-store kiosks, and magic mirrors. Delivering a paradigm in tailored customer care, as a retailer you can identify what your business needs to retain and win loyal patrons.

Personalised care drives loyalty

According to a survey study, 78% consumers believe they would purchase products from a retailer again, if they offered discounts that target their interests, needs or wants. While a higher percent (86%), said they would pay up to 25% above mark up for a superior shopping experience.

Industrious customers usually like to browse products online, before purchasing it in-store. Use point of sales solutions to test customer interest in new products and brands before displaying them in the shop. Through channels like self-service e kiosks, retail shop owners can pinpoint several opportunities to capture and engage your customer’s attention.

Tuned insights drive revenue

Work with a unified system that collects data while providing a complete view of your members, fans and loyal customers. POS systems segment your customer’s interests and behaviour. Analysis of data collected will help predict and target needs and wants of your target audience.

Imagine a retail world at your fingertips with point of sales systems. Stay ahead of competitors while gaining market share by targeting real time marketing. Curate localized offers on products from product design to effective pricing with the aim to improve customer experiences.

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