The Advantages of Having a Good Software in Your Surveillance System

As global threats and tension increase more and more people are investing in surveillance systems. A good surveillance system is dependent on its software. The software processes the data as intelligently as possible and if you have used the edge solution, it then helps to lessen the bandwidth as well. If the number of cameras installed overwhelms you and get you to thinking who is going to sit and analyse them, don’t worry, a good software does it for you.

The advantages of a good access control system :

The software can be customised

While some features maybe beneficial for one, it may be a useless service for the other. And that is why a good CCTV and video analytics solutions provider will be able to customise it according to your needs.

It can be accessed remotely

The latest technology allows you to be able to access the surveillance from anywhere on your tab or smartphone.

Motion detection

Counts pixels and therefore able to notice the slightest movement.

Recognising patterns

If there is a specific pattern that you want to identify, that can be programmed into the system. Usually they are used to identify:

License plates

Abandoned objects

If the camera’s been tampered

Monitoring security points

Benefits provided to the retail and hospitality sectors

It can be used to analyse the following apart from providing security options. The software needs to be programmed accordingly of course.

Queue management and alerting in case of overcrowding

Identifying trends in the business (what people are buying/ordering the most)


The variety of filters it provides for the best security

Direction filters help to remotely change the angles and direction of the camera within the accepted and decided range and angles

Speed filters that allow to increase and decrease the speed of the video

Dwell filters which have variable time thresholds

Object filters remove birds, animals, or anything that are not meant for scrutiny, avoiding clutter in storage

A good software can only be customised to your needs by experts in the field, who understand your requirements and are aware of the latest options available in the market. You should also seek advice on what best suits your business rather than just by going with the trend. Select your CCTV and video analytics solutions accordingly.

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