Top signs to know a business needs ERP Software

Does it take a long time to reconcile the financial statements in your organizations every month? Are your sales forecast based more on guesswork rather than on actual figures? Is your company facing problem to maintain its customer satisfaction level and order volume? Along with all these issues, a business may not have any clue about the actual inventory level in its warehouses and it is tough to find it out. If your company is facing all these troubles, then it is high time that it considers deploying an ERP system.

Here are some of the signs that your company is ready to launch an ERP system.

Accounting is tougher and takes longer time

Very frequently, the first telltale signs that your business requires ERP software will begin from its accounting department. When your manpower depends on manual sales orders and invoices, they actually end up spending several hours every week entering the figures manually into different sales and accounting systems. It is time for you to contemplate the amount of time that is getting wasted on jobs that the erp software can take care instantly.

Information about the business is difficult to access

When someone asks what the average sales margin of your business is, how much time does it take you to respond to the query? Is it easy to find out the value of the key business metrics like sales to date or orders per day? Any company that relies only on spreadsheets and its manual systems, it has to update them constantly and reconciliation has to be done manually. Now, that could take quite some time. Today, the pace at which businesses operate is much faster than before. It signifies that the human resources in your organization will keep requiring immediate access to data. When an organization opts for an ERP solution, the management can have access to a holistic view of the operations at all times. Other employees are also able to access the information that is required for doing their work in a more effective manner.

Different business processes have different software

It is not that different front end and back end systems cannot run simultaneously but they can damage all those key business processes in your organization, which need to ensure that your business is running without any hiccups. When accurate data is not available from sales, the company’s inventory management can suffer. If accounting does not provide the latest updated information, there could be a ripple effect on all systems starting from the payroll to the marketing budgets.

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