Trends in Enterprise Resource Planning in Singapore

Since the emergence of ERP Software in Singapore, a lot has occurred ever since. With an increase in demand, ERP software has grown and developed with an aim of serving customers better. The business world is changing, and the software also has to change in order to meet the business needs and customer demands. In this article, we look at some emerging trends in Enterprise Resource Planning in Singapore.


If there is one trend coming at a supersonic speed, it is cloud solutions. It is estimated that by 2020, almost 80% of organizations will turn to cloud solutions to support the digital transformation in their companies. Businesses are normally offered a cloud-based ERP system by cloud vendors after they subscribe to a certain plan.

When using the cloud software, you can access any information pertaining to your business using any device wherever you are. This makes accessing data much easier and faster. Moreover, it is cheap, as there is no maintenance cost required. In today’s world, where people are hired through online means, thousands of miles away, cloud-based solution is the answer to all our problems.


A lot is in store with mobile ERP applications. There is better accuracy when collecting data, better quality of services as well as access to data remotely. These applications also improve the rapport between different complimentary organizations as quick communication is facilitated. The relationship between these businesses is deepened.

Finally, mobile ERP solutions improve customer relations. The customer service is greatly improved, as employees are able to communicate with customers easily at any place or time. If there are any delays in shipment, for example, employees can contact the customers and apologize as well as inform them of the issue.

Al-Enabled ERP

These are great as they improve the working environment such that the data collected is actionable and conversational. Loading data is now quick and more accurate thanks to the Al-enabled ERP. These ERP solutions are able to learn the trend in data collected and create the workflows. They are more accurate and eliminate any errors. From the workflow created, business organizations are able to work from the data analyzed as they have a better clue and image of the market.


These are only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the emerging trends in the ERP world. A lot more is in store for you. With time, more and more advancements are expected. As the demand increases, more investment is put into ERP. Also, more needs arise and thus there is need to make changes so as to suit the customers needs.

If you’re a Singaporean with an organization and are having trouble running after it, ERP software are what to turn to. They make life better and easier too. Data collected is accurate and occurrence of errors is eliminated. The cloud-based ERP is even better as it enables you to access data wherever you are at any time of the day or night. 

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